Gentoo and webdav

Getting tired of using ftp to sync some resources. Clicking connect is very tiresome so..
emerge devfs2 -av
groupadd -r davfs2
useradd davfs2 -g davfs2

If your webdav resource is secured edit /etc/davfs2/secrets and add simple line
http://yourresurce/path user pass

These are credentials to remote webdav.

Try to mount drive from cmdline
mount.davfs http://http://yourresurce/path /mnt/webdav/path

If it works unmount for a second
mount -u /mnt/webdav/path

If it works you can add following line to /etc/fstab
http://yourresurce/path /mnt/webdav/path davfs uid=wlos,gid=users 1 2

Try now mount -a and voila! Your remote drive will be available automagically.

There are many other options you can provide.. try docs!

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